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Outdoor Advertisement Services

We handle the needs of clients in marketing activity engaged within the scope of outdoor media especially in the provision of strategic locations. For some outdoor media, we provide Billboards, Videotron, Road Signs, Pedestrian Bridge (JPO), Pennants, Tower Signs, Shop Signs, Neon Boxes, Letter Signs, and Banners.

Production Services

We handle all activities related to the production of media promotion, both media marketing promotion outdoor or indoor. Marketing unit of production fully responsible in every production processes. From preparing the materials to implementation in the field (QC) until the final results of production quality.

Tax and Permit Services

We handle the needs of clients in arranging advertisement permits, including: Advertisement tax to be paid periodically, both new and renewals, building permit and permits for the implementation of advertisement and other matters relating to the advertisement licencing.
Outdoor Advertising
Tax Services

Unit Product Marketing (Above The Line)

Addressing the needs of clients engaged in marketing activities within the scope of outdoor media advertising. In the practice of outdoor advertising media is not only installed outdoors, but some are also found in the room. The use of this term is used to facilitate the distribution of the scope of work in the field of promotion. Outdoor media better known include billboard / advertisement, Crossing The Bridge (JPO), headbands roads, billboards, signage, neonbox, neonsign, shop signs (PNTV), street lighting (PJU), banners and banner.

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Why Use Our Services?

With the support of the workshop was very adequate and the ability of the skilled and professional human resources. Ad Match committed to providing services that promote quality, creativity in any promotional media application and use of materials and the latest technology with the best results.
Any complaints from clients we deal with as soon as possible.